Another awesome set of shoes painted by Stephen Stillman at Tetra Chromatic Shoes.

This guy does amazing work. He can literally paint anything.

So far he has painted Adventure Time, Dragon Ball Z, Batman and Robin, Harley Quinn and Zelda shoes in the past couple of months. He has yet to fail at pleasing people with his art. He is currently working on some Rocko’s Modern Life shoes. Who would like that?

If you’d like to get some custom hand painted shoes then Stephen is your man. Just go to and send him a message.

Or if you can’t think of something yet then just head over to his facebook and check out all the other shoes he has painted. He is constantly updating with what he is currently working on. I promise his work will not disappoint.

Also check out his etsy store:

He will be updating his store soon with those Rocko shoes and some headbands, bags and jewelry and more! :D


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